“If your feet were anchored to the beach and the tide came in and covered your head, could you hold your breath until the tide went out again?”*, Thomas Erben Gallery, NYC, February 16 - March 23, 2012, NYC

These paintings conjure immersive atmospheres of being in nature, in time and place. They also delineate elements of landscape: the curvature of wind-wrought dried stems, the limbs of trees, small leaves growing close to the ground in patches along a blue lagoon, rounded green things along a river bank, and a deep blue sky that matches the sea. My paintings translate the duration of nature, rather than depict it. Expansive colorful scenes—sitting among smooth rocks and momentary shadows of pelicans flying overhead—seem to unfold far beyond the edge of each canvas, keeping a distant, unreachable landscape simultaneously close. The apparent simplicity and technique of these compositions are arrived at slowly through a process of being outdoors, intense observation and painting.

*Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, www.torreypine.org




Over the Hills, 2011  

Ridge, 2011  

The Primeval Forest, 2011  

Swimming, 2011  

Boulder, 2011  

Sunlight on the Side of Grass, 2011  

Afternoon in Elysian Park, 2011  

Reflections at Moss Landing, 2011  

Walk At Torrey Pines State Reserve2 2011

Puddles in the Forest, 2011  

Sky After Rain, 2011  

Ascension, 2011