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"Beautiful and magical experience."

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"I transform energy through the things I create, and these objects transform the energy of the viewer and the spaces they inhabit. They are celestial music and communicate my inherent understanding of the fabric of life, the structure of things and how everything is interconnected. They are meditations. From the rocks, animals, trees, mist, water, ocean, everything expands and collects together into the collective unconscious and unified field we all inhabit. These are my visions, experiences, what I see in parallel universes and realities, and my intention is to bring them to the third dimension for Earth to embody and inhabit and experience to make it a better place." 

-YuhShioh, 2016

Fine Art Collections


Soul Painting

Painting the Embodiment of Your Light

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"Having YuhShioh’s paintings in my home is a blessing!

Her vibrant works open up my home space and my heart breathes joy when I focus on them as they are portals to the divine flow of existence. 
The high-vibrational glow they exude indicates their genesis from YuhShioh’s heart, third-eye, and crown chakras."

- In Gratitude, Kirstiann

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