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"Beautiful and Magical Experience"

The work of internationally acclaimed artist Yuh-Shioh is part of the permanent collection at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives, Marin General and Stanford Children’s Hospital.


Her debut solo exhibition in 2004, Spirits Gone Astray, was reviewed in The New York Times and international art magazines, setting her career as an artist in motion. Yuh-Shioh earned a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University and an MFA from Hunter College.


Her work is part of collections world-wide. 

Available for purchase in the Spirit Art Store

- Jesilu, Costa Rica

"Through her beautiful artwork you come to acknowledge something your soul is longing to hear."

"Having Yushioh’s paintings in my home is a blessing!

Her vibrant works open up my home space and my heart breathes joy when I focus on them as they are portals to the divine flow of existence. 
The high-vibrational glow they exude indicates their genesis from Yuhshioh’s heart, third-eye, and crown chakras."

- In Gratitude, Kirstiann

Available for purchase in the
Spirit Art Store

Yuh-Shioh's Current Inspirations

These paintings are made on handmade rice paper and are inspired by the Spirits of the Land in Hawaii, the rainbow light and spirit birds and stargates.

Hawaii Art by YuhShioh
“The places are what I see in visions and journeys to other worlds. I also see some of them during meditations or during any relaxed state. I feel it’s a gift that what I see are such wonderful places and that I can share them with others. I’ve always felt a connection to animals and unseen realms.”  ~Yuh-Shioh ~

Wear the Beauty

Yuh-Shioh's Fine Art is available as clothing and home accessories, made in Canada, with the greatest care for quality and the environment.

Wearable Art

Feel the Magic

Yuh-Shioh's Golden Light Channel Medicine Cards contain transformative images and synergistic healing messages to restore harmony and balance.

Oracle Medicine Cards by YuhShioh
Medicine Cards


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