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The work of internationally acclaimed artist Yuh-Shioh is part of the permanent collection at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives, Marin General and Stanford Children’s Hospital. Her debut solo exhibition in 2004, Spirits Gone Astray, was reviewed in The New York Times and international art magazines, setting her career as an artist in motion. Yuh-Shioh earned a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University and an MFA from Hunter College. Her work is part of collections world-wide. She guides Dancing into Painting workshops and is a Certified Akashic Records practitioner in the lineage of the Mayan Priests.

Soul Revelation Portraits

When I landed in Costa Rica, I discovered my ability to see and paint people on a soul level, depicting their soul essences, much in the same way that I had been painting my experiences in nature for many years. These paintings also reveal the souls of plants and places on the earth. It is with joy and gratitude that I offer these Soul Revelation Portraits as bridges to your higher self and soul essence. Through painting I channel your highest self, and the result is a personalized portrait along with information I receive from the image. These serve as guides to connecting with the purest part of yourself while revealing what needs to be released or cleared. I am able to tune into a person, place or thing, and paint a portrait of its soul.

session fee: $250

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"At a moment when I was ready to experience something new and wonderful, I met Yuh-Shioh on the beach in Costa Rica. We had a bizarre instant connection that I rarely experience. Over several weeks, we spent hours walking on the beach, sharing ideas and insights. Her candor and her point-of-view were refreshing... Yuh-Shioh does not think or exist inside any box!... and I found myself wanting to dive deeper into the space of pure possibility and creativity she inhabits.

In our many hours-long discussions, she shared with me some of her unique gifts... possibilities she connects with through her paintings, her dance and her deep connectivity to what I call, the ethers; those realms of otherworldliness many bealieve are just myth. She is very gifted.

An humble, and fun to be with. She is an experience.

Yuh-Shioh graciously gave me an Akashic Records reading. I didn't really have questions, per se, but I was having an experience I needed clarity around. I completely trusted her and gave her full permission to 'have a look around'. What she came back with was astoundingly accurate! I was able to make some shifts with the information she gave me that were transformative.

The most beautiful work we have done together is a Soul Revelation Portrait. We chatted about what she did, how she connected. Then we set a time when we could remotely connect.

I've gotta say, she nailed it! the colors, the movement, the expression with those deep, piercing eyes. Astonishing! When I look at it, I see my soul, my essence, my purpose, my protections and my connections.

In her notes on the paintings she says:


You are connected to the plants and devas, taking care of them, a caretaker for plants and flowers. Connected to Atlantis and fairy realm: the fairy essence is your highest self, and nurturing, being a guardian, and earth keeper guardian for others as well like you are with the plants. Golden light, the earth, your hands-- weaving that energy. Pink is all divine love, love emanating from the earth and plant-life, woven with golden light and earth energy...transmitting to others, as you are the lightworker. Queen.

She is a wonder to work with and I feel blessed that we have crossed paths and that we are now close friends."

--- Mary, Los Angeles, CA

"Yuh-Shioh, this was truly a beautiful and magical experience. From the moment our session began I felt comfortable, open and excited to experience this healing. The transformation within my being left me feeling whole, held and full of energy and light. The love you bring, provides warmth and relaxation to deeply drop in to the experience. The before and after drawings are radically transforming. I hope many have the sacred opportunity to experience you Soul Drawing Reiki gift. xo"

---  Helen, Los Angeles, CA




"It´s not easy to put into words the Akashic sessions I had with Yuh-Shioh, but they are definitely transformational experiences. You enter into a place that is another dimension of reality and come out a different person, transformed in the purest sense. During the session, I felt like I was communicating with my higher self. All of the answers I was given felt so true, it was as if I was answering myself. I could also feel many things happening in the higher vibrational realms, situations being healed, even from other lifetimes. Afterwards I felt totally different, like a different person. It is in the purest sense transformational. Thanks to Yuh-Shioh’s marvelous deep connection, you can tap into other lifetimes and past experiences to learn from them, heal them and move on. You can reset yourself from an actualized point.


It also comes to mind that one of her sessions must equalize years of therapy. You can go directly to the root of anything you want to work on in your life. With any pattern you identify or issue you want to solve within yourself, you can understand where it comes from, and from that place of awareness, heal it. Healing also occurred by working with some specific energies and “assignments” she suggested by channeling the right way for me to work on that issue. I had a wonderful experience of solving something I was carrying from another lifetime during the session and having some homework to do during the next few days after the session so I could continue working on that.


I feel grateful to have connected with Yuh-Shioh and opened myself to having this experience."


-  Jesilu, Nosara, Costa Rica


Ever since I was a child, painting and drawing has been a way for me to heal. It was through the creation of beauty around me and my connection with source that allowed me to survive years of trauma. I discovered early on that Spirit came through my art, and as soon as I put pen to paper, its presence flowed through me.


I dropped out of MIT and was offered to transfer into the painting department at Harvard University, where I literally painted my way through. It was through my initial interest in creating space that I found colors to be the portals to an expansive realm beyond our physical reality. Painting became a spiritual practice for me. I proceeded to have 3 more solo exhibitions in New York City before an awakening compelled me to listen to the calling to be with nature and connect with my higher self. I relocated to California in 2009. My journey connecting spirit with the earth led me to Iceland and the Chihuahuan Desert where I was an Artist in Resident at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX in 2013.


While living in a museum, I immersed herself in the desert landscape and painted my experiences in nature, leading to a body of work I then exhibited in San Francisco. Further exploration led to my first body of shamanic paintings, In Reality, in 2015 in Los Angeles, and the publishing of a catalogue of drawings, The Light Behind the Sun. Shortly after this I began to read Akashic Records for myself and others, leading me to Santa Fe, NM, and then to Mount Shasta, CA, where I discovered my first home.


I embarked on a journey by listening to a call in my heart to go to Peru, where a dream led me to Nosara, Costa Rica. I immediately experienced a strong connection with the place and began receiving messages in the form of paintings and words which led to The Golden Light Channel Medicine Cards. It was here that I discovered that I could not only paint the experiences I had in nature but also the experiences I have with people when I connect with the highest part of themselves and depict their soul essences. I also began to combine healing sessions with Reiki and Akashic Records, along with before and after drawings of the transformations that took place. Alongside these sessions, I also guided Dancing into Painting.

Yuh-Shioh currently resides on the Big Island, Hawaii.

contact Yuh-Shioh: i@goldenlightchannel.com or send a message here.

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