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"Beautiful and magical experience."

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These paintings were made on Maui, Hawaii, and each one is a portal into a deeper place, embedded with starcodes as well as the fabric of reality in the landscapes of this Earth. From the waters to the forests, the moon and the Great Central Sun, far out and in between, allow them to take you.  

Soul Painting

"Having YuhShioh’s paintings in my home is a blessing!

Her vibrant works open up my home space and my heart breathes joy when I focus on them as they are portals to the divine flow of existence. 
The high-vibrational glow they exude indicates their genesis from YuhShioh’s heart, third-eye, and crown chakras."

- In Gratitude, Kirstiann

"Through her beautiful artwork you come to acknowledge something your soul is longing to hear."

- Jesilu, Costa Rica

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