Crystal Heart Temple Fountain, acrylic and aqua-oil on canvas, 52 x 44 in.

This painting was based on a vision I received during meditation with a crystal I received in Mount Shasta. While standing in front of this etheric fountain, I witnessed tiers of crystalline diamond shaped vessels rise with crystalline hearts inside of them, and I heard the sound of water trickling down. I saw that this is the Crystal Heart Temple Fountain in Lemuria, a place of refuge one can always return to wash away cares and worries and rejuvenate oneself and remind of ones connection to ones heart. Feel the water's nourishing energy cleanse you and restore you to connect with the temple of your being.

Flowers and plants vibrate in accordance with the earth's frequency and the sun's solar rays. These frequencies are always changing as the earth evolves. This painting captures a moment of the shift in energy.

Supermoon Channel, 60 x 64 in., aqua-oil and acrylic on canvas

we are made of stardust. grounding to the earth, channeling the energy from the stars. they are a high vibration that comes down to earth to raise our vibration.

the ground is covered in stars, 16 x 20 in., acrylic and aqua-oil on canvas

Sirius, 16 x 20 in., acrylic and aqua-oil on canvas

The Pink Season, 64 x 54 in., acrylic and aqua-oil on canvas

The pink season is the season of pink, when the birds are flowering and following the arc of the sun, flowing in ribbons through air likes waves in the sea, weaving their light throughout the cosmos. Pink is for divine love, for the endless flow of the divine feminine force, the energy of creation that creates the cosmos.

Marfa, 36 x 42 in., acrylic and aqua-oil on canvas

© 2016 by Yuh-Shioh Wong

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