About Shinea YuhShioh Moon

Yuh-Shioh connects her deep connection to nature with her connection to spirit, interweaving through her paintings a sacred geometry and beauty that carries the vibration of the higher consciousness our Earth is embodying. Each painting serves as a portal to awaken humanity to the divinity within each individual as the New Earth is being created.  Her work is part of private collections worldwide, the permanent collection of the Berkeley Museum of Art and Pacific Film Archive, and she has exhibited across the US.

Through many years of practice, she developed and finessed a unique way of painting that allowed her to freely flow and be spontaneous while collaborating with the Universe. Her colors seep into the weave of the raw canvas, resulting in spacious and healing objects that deeply resonate with a spiritual vibration. Each painting is an emanation of light.


Always listening to the vibrations and music of the earth, she recently spent a prolonged period of time in Nosara, Costa Rica where she created The Golden Light Channel Medicine cards. In this place she also guided Dancing Into Painting and gave healing sessions combining reiki with painting the essences of those she tunes into. Her innate connection to the interconnectivity of everything allows her painting to guide and provide clarity for others. She calls her sessions Painting the Embodiment of Your Light.

Yuh-Shioh currently resides on Maui, Hawai'i, where she was recently called to continue her work in channeling the frequencies of nature and spirit as she weaves her experience as a creator of star systems into the alchemy of her painting.

The places are what I see in visions and journeys to other worlds. I also see some of them during meditations or during any relaxed state. I feel it’s a gift that what I see are such wonderful places and that I can share them with others. I’ve always felt a connection to animals and unseen realms.

"Yuh-Shioh does not think or exist inside any box! I found myself wanting to dive deeper into the space of pure possibility and creativity she inhabits... possibilities she connects with through her paintings, and her deep connectivity to what I call, the ethers; those realms of otherworldliness many believe are just myth. She is very gifted."

- Mary, Los Angeles

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