New Paintings, Maui, Hawai'i

I’ve been guided to channel these paintings to raise the vibration of the planet now. They are embedded with light codes from the other galaxy and embody the interconnectedness of all life--- from light on water, to the creatures of the land and air, merging together with the elements in experiential freedom. Click on each image to see the channeled poems that arose from them. 

Divine messages... there will be more to come but here is one:

Surrender to the Waves


Surrender to the waves within 

Your body has an intelligence that only you know so well 

When birds fly in formation through the sky they don’t see how they look from afar

They only see what’s ahead of them, sensing with their entire beings all around 


Let it flow

You are in alignment with the forces of nature when every step you take is magnified into the present moment

And you see with full awareness 

Everything around you 

Your senses are open 


Allow the tide to come and take you 

She has forces only she knows how to handle

The only way to be with her is through surrender

Surrender your will for a moment and see what comes to you 

She may surprise you with something you had not thought of 


Release control

There is a rhythm and wisdom to the universe far beyond what you can perceive

A pattern and equilibrium to things that you can only understand when you go within 

Surrender to the waves

and let her wisdom come to you


—The Golden Light Channel by YuhShioh