Night Gallery, Los Angeles, 2015

I have always noticed a force coming through my pen or brush, taking the form of imaginary animals, colors, shapes and lines. I sensed they were not from my imagination or my subconscious but from somewhere in the cosmos. It was as though they were being channeled.


In June 2014 I decided to take an introductory course in shamanic journeying with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies to investigate the nature of my art and quickly realized this way of interacting with reality was natural for me.


I created these paintings as a result of a series of journeys and visions. My process hovered between painting as a way to depict a vision or journey and the act of painting as a journey and meditation itself.


These were exhibited in September 2015 at Night Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

I called the exhibition In Reality, and these are from the daytime installation.

An interview written about the show:

Yuh-Shioh Wong, A Painter's Magical World.