Here are some remarks on the energy I receive while painting and later on tuning into the image. These notes are sent to you through email.

"tiara with the blue crystal for sirius and divine love
staff of channeling the divine love energy vibration from the universal cosmos
from galaxy outer space, celestial being is the pink rays
you love the forest and the trees
creating a desert oasis your home
crystalline light, clarity, bringing truth, clarity and clearing to the planet from the galaxy you are from - place of great purity and compassion
where you were princess- the dress
two colored shoes
mix of pink and blue for both masculine and feminine love
clarity and softness
kind of floating above this earth, in the ethers, observing, grounding through your staff and joyfully dancing
innocence" -- the golden light channel

"the blue light is from Sirius, also where the dolphins are from. love and compassion energy. priest energy

your head is in the water- the cosmic body

dolphins and waves

the staff is like a magic wand connecting different dimensions

the star shape around you is like a merkaba for interdimensional travel

and the diamond light that you use to help others

not like your head is in the water literally but connected to the expanse of information that is housed in the ocean

and the staff is very grounded to the earth- there's a crystal at the point of it- multifaceted and blue"-- the golden light channel

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