Painting the Embodiment of Your Light

A journey into your soul essence through painting in the Akashic Records

Golden Lion Being from Sirius

With intention from both yourself and the artist, YuhShioh opens your Akashic Records and tunes into see the vibrational essence of your soul. She draws what she initially sees, which is the current frequency, to reveal your soul essence and origin, and paints this. Sessions may be accompanied with crystal singing bowls and guided meditation and take the form of a conversation while she paints. The process of painting is also a healing, as it clears energy and realigns you with your core imprint. Paintings can be done either in person or remotely. You receive a 9 x 12 in. watercolor, along with the drawings with notations that came before, and a channeled message from the Golden Beings. Each painting serves as a portal.

A few examples

"I was so honored to have the experience of getting my soul painted! There’s been so many alignments in my life after receiving my painting. Many shifts right after my painting came to the surface. The art itself made me feel connected to my true essence- my soul! It brought a sense of calm to my being knowing where my soul origin was from and helped guide me on this earthly plane. I highly recommend to anyone- I had one of the best spiritual encounters, as well as, graced with such beautiful artwork combined into one experience!"

- Ryan A., Cofounder, Love Must Win

"You definitely captured the purple/blues of my aura and the sacred geometry. Thank you for the beautiful soul painting. It really cheered me up today and lightened my heart." 

-Debbie Solaris, Galactic Historian, Castle Rock, CO

“I met Yuh-Shioh while leading a mindfulness retreat in Costa Rica. She so openly offered to share her gift with me and I experienced her effortless artistry with wonders. We sat and during a simple and casual conversation, she drew what I recognized was my soul. What a blessing to be able to see the most beautiful, evolved and loving part of you! I recommend this experience to anyone ready to visually connect with their higher self!” 

-Aline H., Creator of Cosmic Compass, Austin, TX

Soul Painting: $310

To schedule an appointment, please email me at, call me at 808-498-1973, or fill out the contact form below, and I will be happy to set up a time. Remote sessions are done over the phone or What'sApp. For remote sessions, please send me a photo of yourself and your full name at birth. ​


I accept payment through Venmo or cash. 

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