Painting the Embodiment of Your Light

A journey into your soul essence through painting 

Receive a 9 x 12 in. watercolor of your soul essence, along with an initial drawing with downloads. Each painting is a transmission and serves as a portal to your soul essence and origin. They can reveal layers from relevant past lives and where you are in present time, serving as a bridge to self-empowerment. Paintings can be done remotely or in person. 

A few examples (click on images to see notes)

"Yuh-Shioh is a gifted transformational artist who able to tap into my soul essence and bring it into a 3D form.  She was able to capture this vibrant aspect of me which I was only able to witness in regression sessions. This allows me to establish a life line to this highly vibrational aspect of self. Thank you for this heart center soul painting which is bring back the Joy (and much more) in my life." 

- Gary L., Seeker, Healer   Coventry CT

"I was so honored to have the experience of getting my soul painted! There’s been so many alignments in my life after receiving my painting. Many shifts right after my painting came to the surface. The art itself made me feel connected to my true essence- my soul! It brought a sense of calm to my being knowing where my soul origin was from and helped guide me on this earthly plane. I highly recommend to anyone- I had one of the best spiritual encounters, as well as, graced with such beautiful artwork combined into one experience!"

- Ryan A., Cofounder, Love Must Win

"Thank you so much for the beautiful soul painting. You definitely captured the purple/blues of my aura and the sacred geometry. Thank you again for your time, attention, and talent. Your soul painting really cheered me up today and lightened my heart." 

 - Debbie Solaris, Galactic Historian & Starseed Intuitive

Personalized Soul Painting: $300

Fill out the form below or email me at to schedule a session, or if you have any questions. Remote sessions are done over the phone or What'sApp.