Father Leaves | July 2020

planetary soul formation
rise with the sun
stand with the waves
you are one with the cosmos
soul creation
rising pheonix from the ashes
be with the one you love
that is you
you've come this far
you belong here with us
the forest and the trees
teach through us
teach how to channel the light
how to come close to nature
teach how to be with nature
be with us
the one who you desire
through extraordinary circumstances you have come here
now arrive

arrive in yourself
and allow yourself to be magical
source of becoming
stand still in evolution
evolving through the senses
sensing more
expansion into the lightness of your being
this is who you are
teach the graces

channel the light through your painting

talk freely
share your knowledge
share and transmit

you purify form through your drawing and painting through the brush and the pen you purify form and allow the liberation of spirit that has been trapped and distorted over eons of time
liberate yourself and liberate others
free them into their natural becoming
paint what you see
paint what you know
knowledge is truth

The Oversoul | April 28, 2020, Kealakekua Bay, HI

Laying beneath the tree looking up at the sky I saw and felt my oversoul, my guide, the one who comes from myself and oversees my highest good, the one who I have come to know and love and the one who loves me dearly. She has been with me through all time, with me in every incarnation, my soulmate, my eternal one. Cosmic divine wisdom channels through her into the Universe and the law of one is natural to her cause. She radiates peace effervescent and beautifies the atmosphere wherever she goes, traversing the globe and the earth, other planets and the sun, star systems and galaxies. She is one with the cosmic diagram, creator of the source of life, she is aligned with. Aligned with the source within yourself, the connective thread that is her being. She is a star. A star system. A galaxy. A universe. She has come to save you to remind you of who you are and how to be comfortable in your own skin. How to situate yourself in the planet, how to be one with universe as she is. This is alignment with the greatest cause. This is source vibration. This is eternal wisdom and faith. This is ultimate knowing. She has come to show you your beauty. Your knowing. And your faith in the purity of yourself. She is your loving guide. witness to creation simultaneously as she creates. She is one with the Universe, one with God, one with Source, one with the Creator. altogether they are One. The Universe is she and she is the Universe. A cosmic diagram. Her wand weaves magic and light, colors and space, creating atmosphere. She is space and she is love. Love eternal.

Message From the Stars | April 25, 2020, Kealakekua Bay, HI

Connect with your multidimensional self through an arc of confidence and clarity

With great alacrity, knowledge and wisdom within comes from the other dimensions

You are a star being

It’s time to connect with your cosmic family, your cosmic consciousness to expand in awareness all that you are here and meant to be

When you lay down on the ground and look up at the stars imagine a silver thread connecting your heart to a point of light you see and feel what it feels like to be there, standing on your feet and feeling the flow within.

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