Akashics and Soul Drawing Reiki Sessions


"It´s not easy to put into words the sessions I had with YuhShioh, but they are definitely transformational experiences. You enter into a place that is another dimension of reality and come out a different person, transformed in the purest sense. During the session, I felt like I was communicating with my higher self. All of the answers I was given felt so true, it was as if I was answering myself. I could also feel many things happening in the higher vibrational realms, situations being healed, even from other lifetimes. Afterwards I felt totally different, like a different person. It is in the purest sense transformational. Thanks to YuhShioh’s marvelous deep connection, you can tap into other lifetimes and past experiences to learn from them, heal them and move on. You can reset yourself from an actualized point.


It also comes to mind that one of her sessions must equalize years of therapy. You can go directly to the root of anything you want to work on in your life. With any pattern you identify or issue you want to solve within yourself, you can understand where it comes from, and from that place of awareness, heal it. Healing also occurred by working with some specific energies and “assignments” she suggested by channeling the right way for me to work on that issue. I had a wonderful experience of solving something I was carrying from another lifetime during the session and having some homework to do during the next few days after the session so I could continue working on that.


I feel grateful to have connected with YuhShioh and opened myself to having this experience."




"YuhShioh, this was truly a beautiful and magical experience. From the moment our session began I felt comfortable, open and excited to experience this healing. The transformation within my being left me feeling whole, held and full of energy and light. The love you bring, provides warmth and relaxation to deeply drop in to the experience. The before and after drawings are radically transforming. I hope many have the sacred opportunity to experience you Soul Drawing Reiki gift. xo"

-Helen Vonderheide, Los Angeles, CA

© 2016 by Yuh-Shioh Wong

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