A wonder to work with


"At a moment when I was ready to experience something new and wonderful, I met Yuh-Shioh on the beach in Costa Rica. Her candor and her point-of-view were refreshing... Yuh-Shioh does not think or exist inside any box!... and I found myself wanting to dive deeper into the space of pure possibility and creativity she inhabits.

she shared with me some of her unique gifts... possibilities she connects with through her paintings, her dance and her deep connectivity to what I call, the ethers; those realms of otherworldliness many believe are just myth. She is very gifted.

And humble, and fun to be with. She is an experience.

The most beautiful work I've experienced with her is a Soul Revelation Portrait. I've gotta say, she nailed it! the colors, the movement, the expression with those deep, piercing eyes. Astonishing! When I look at it, I see my soul, my essence, my purpose, my protections and my connections.

She is a wonder to work with and I feel blessed that we have crossed paths."

--- Mary, Los Angeles, CA

Gift of recognition and acknowledgment of my true being


"Through the soul painting channelled by YuhShioh, I received a wonderful gift of recognition and acknowledgement of my true being and what my Soul wants to create now. Mahalo for your clarity."


- Marie Rose, HI

Beautiful and magical experience


"Yuh-Shioh, this was truly a beautiful and magical experience. From the moment our session began I felt comfortable, open and excited to experience this healing. The transformation within my being left me feeling whole, held and full of energy and light. The love you bring, provides warmth and relaxation to deeply drop in to the experience. The before and after drawings are radically transforming. I hope many have the sacred opportunity to experience you Soul Drawing Reiki gift. xo"

---  Helen, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA