The Golden Light Channel Medicine Cards

These medicine cards carry the vibration of the Divine Feminine. When I first landed in Nosara, Costa Rica, I felt a sense of clarity and connection with the land and the plants and spontaneously began receiving clear messages from Spirit.


They came to me in the form of images and words, staying with me throughout the day as though they were here to remind me of my soul’s journey and a new way of being, which felt comforting and true. I was guided to express the visions through painting, allowing the vibration of what I was seeing in my inner vision to translate effortlessly. The images began to channel themselves in the form of words, which when shared, resonate with others.


I realized I was being a messenger for the Earth and the energy that humanity needs to restore harmony and balance. The messages came in the form of beautiful poems, as beauty is integral to their vibration. They completed their manifestation at 22 images/messages, and I heard to name them The Golden Light Channel.



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Suggested use of these cards:


Choose the image that you gravitate towards, the one that speaks to your heart and soul in the moment, that you feel is medicine for you. Gaze at it and allow its energy to envelope you. The image corresponds to a text, matching the number at the bottom right corner. Listen to the message that comes with it, in the form of words, sensations, feelings, and allow the vibration to sink in and feed your soul. Allow every layer of your being to absorb its vibration. You may want to spend some time with the image, and read the message 2 or 3 times throughout the day, trusting that it has come from the Universe here to guide you on your path to connecting more deeply with yourself at this time.


These messages are meant to guide your spirit to be more at ease in your beingness, as reminders of why you came here, and how to be with yourself, others and the Earth in this moment in time. The way you listen to your heart is how you are led to the message that is most appropriate for you in this time. It may be different each day, or later on in the day.

- Yuh-Shioh

What others have to say about these cards ...

"We are experiencing an awakening to the Sacred Feminine Wisdom, which ushers in a new era of sacred partnership and unity. Ancient traditions prophesized this major shift that we are experiencing globally. Patriarchy, with its focus on the masculine, has dominated our worldview. By overvaluing external accomplishments, acquisition, expansion and financial success, this distorted yang energy has contributed to our current climate of economic and ecological crisis. The Feminine principle and Shatki Wisdom are vital to restoring balance in the world, which celebrates harmony, collaboration, interconnectedness, and the natural cycle of death and rebirth.


Shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning “power” or “empowerment,” and Shakti specifically refers to the primordial cosmic energy or the divine feminine creation that moves through the universe. It is the force that is responsible for all changes and transformations. The universe was birthed from the womb of the Divine Mother Shakti. All phenomena, experiences, matter, actions, and thoughts, arise from, and dissolve back into the primordial Shakti, which is the Awareness of the Absolute and Unchanging Consciousness. Within each of us is this Light Awareness that is eternal and infinite.


Yuh-Shioh has answered a calling to be a Shatki messenger of Golden Light. Her exquisite, gentle yet  empowering images are infused with the wisdom of Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion. As you meditate, set your intention, connect to the Divine Feminine, allow the images of each card to ignite your soul and open a portal to the Cosmic Womb.

May it illuminate your journey home to Wholeness!"


-- Dr. B. Raven Lee, Ph.D., LCSW, DCEP, FCCH



Dr. B. Raven Lee is a Jungian psychotherapist, meditation and healing teacher, shamanic healer, and board-certified fellow in clinical hypnotherapy. A Buddhist practitioner for almost three decades, Raven is a senior student of the Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, and a Senior Teacher of The Three Doors Academy. A Reiki Master/teacher and certified Energy Psychology clinician, Raven integrates ancient wisdom with western psychology and neurobiology in her private practice in Pasadena, California, where she specializes in trauma, and mind/body healing. She also authored Unbinding the Soul: Awakening through Crisis and Compassion.

 "I find it rare to read cards that hold such truthful messages. Usually cards sound to me a little made up. YuhShioh´s cards are the result of channeling deep knowledge. Through her beautiful artwork you come to acknowledge something your soul is longing to hear. By looking through the cards your heart will stop at one and take over your attention. Following it´s call you may turn your day upside down by reading some words that will have a different meaning each day, for each person and even for each different person you are each different day."


-Jesilu, Nosara, Costa Rica

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