The Super Nova I Created (Big Island, Hawaii, 2020)

When I first arrived on Big Island, Hawai'i, I was immediately drawn to Kealakekua Bay, which I recognized to be a vortex of energy, a place where a meteor had hit in ancient times, creating a cavern for the body of water where I would oftentimes swim. Pods of dolphins often came to me and swam in figure eights around me. Here the land resonated with a deep peace and beauty, like a tropical jungle by the sea. I felt the presence of stardust all around beneath this powerful Sirian stargate. Visions of rainbow birds came to me while I was there, and I was guided to paint them, as they are symbols of paradise and the transformation that we all seek. Through the colors of the rainbow, translating colors through space, decoration and metamorphosis. They represent transcendent peace and the freedom that comes from being our true selves.